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Submission of Artwork

All artworks must be:

  1. Presented by 5pm on 2nd October 2023

  2. Original works produced within the past two years by the artist and must be offered for sale at a stated price (including GST) on the Entry Form. 

  3. Identified using the Art Show label by attaching it to the back of your painting with:

    • Artist's Name

    • Artwork title 

    • Selling price 

    • Category

  4. Ready for hanging, with wire/cord. For guidance, refer to YouTube


Submission of entry form


  • Please complete the entire Entry Form, clearly typing all information including          

    1. measurements for total width and height (including the frame), 

    2. Photo Reference Number for the photo of each artwork. 

    3. a maximum of 3 pieces.

  • Your entry fee will be refunded only if your artworks are deemed unsuitable for hanging.  

  • Daylesford Rotary reserves the right to refuse to exhibit any artworks which they deem unsuitable for display. 

  • To allow as many artists as possible the opportunity to exhibit paintings, artworks must have maximum dimensions as follows: 1.2m x 1.2m. Oversized entries will not be accepted.


  1. A digital photo of each artwork must be emailed to for online promotion. 

  2. Photos should be taken of the full artwork, including frame, as straight as possible with minimal flash/glare. 

  3. Image size needs to be approximately 500 kb – 1mb to ensure proper resolution. If you require assistance with the process please contact us and we can arrange to help


By Monday 2nd October 2023, 5pm completed forms and photographs must be submitted and payment made.


Daylesford Rotary may, at their sole discretion, allow any entered artworks to be photographed and such photographs to be reproduced in advertising on the internet and social media.



Artists agree that upon sale of artwork Daylesford Rotary receives a 25% commission based on the sales amount written on your Entry Form, or later negotiated, by the artist with a buyer. Sales are subject to the 25% commission until artwork has been returned to the artist.

  1. The Judging Panel is selected solely by the Daylesford Art Show Committee.

  2. The judging decisions are final and not subject to review or appeal.

  3. All artworks must be presented by 5pm on 2 October '23  and offered for sale at a stated price by the artist and must have been produced within the previous two calendar years.

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