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The Daylesford Art Show is run by the Rotary Club of Daylesford to raise money to support the Club's Community Projects.

The Art Show Committee consists of Rotary Members:

Victor Szwed: former CEO of Hepburn Shire Council, Member of Daylesford Rotary since 1995 with valued involvement in the Art Show since 2009; Danny Moynihan: Citizen of the year 2022; a long time member of the Rotary Club (1985); Alan Harrison: our treasurer who attends every moment of the Art Show to deal with painting sales and everything else associated with the role of a Treasurer;

Jenny Hopkins (Coordinator): the person who will deal with any concerns we trust you won't have - but you may have! Added to this committee are renowned Daylesford Artists Brian Nash and Roberta Donnelly; Past President of Rotary, Denise Longmire. An extra-ordinary mixture of enthusiasm and talent. 

Vision for the Art Show

In line with Rotary Values of Fostering Goodwill and Providing Beneficial Services, the art show is seen as a means to both achieve those aims and to support our other work.

The Art Show is a key fundraising event for the Rotary Club of Daylesford. All of the funds raised contribute to making a significant contribution to the improvement of the lives of people throughout the world and particularly in our community.


By offering an eclectic mix of arts from local and national artists our event showcases a wide variety of artistic expression. This can provide something to interest everybody, thus fostering appreciation of all types of art.  It will include paintings, sculptures, quilts, bonsai and pottery which you can not only admire but also purchase and possibly win a prize.


All of the above, whilst enjoying and possibly exploring the beautiful environs and atmosphere of the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area.

We invite all art lovers and would be art lovers to join us for a unique and memorable experience in this, our 40th year!

Our Aims

Artists, with your welcome contributions, along with the generosity of our valued Sponsors, plus, this year, for the first time: Sculpture, Quilting and Bonsai for decor and sale, 

The aim of the Daylesford Art Show is to promote the arts and support local artists - whilst

- Fostering community engagement in the arts...

by providing a platform for a wide community of emerging and established artists to publicly present your work and connect with a wider audience.  By promoting the arts and supporting local artists along with artists throughout Victoria, the Art Show contributes to the cultural vibrancy and economic vitality of our region.

- Raising funds for charitable causes 

This event is designed to be free (though the purchase of a raffle ticket would be welcome), accessible and inclusive, welcoming a myriad of visitors to an artistically creative town. Significantly, the involvement of a variety of Sponsors with a purpose, brings the entire Daylesford community - locals and visitors - together.


- Showcasing not only art, but also, Daylesford and surrounding regions

The Art Show provides an opportunity to showcase the natural beauty and cultural richness of Daylesford and surrounding regions.  By attracting visitors to the area, the event contributes to the local economy and promotes the region as a destination for tourism and cultural activity.

In pursuing these aims, the Daylesford Art Show,
managed by the Rotary Club of Daylesford, plays an important role in
the cultural and social lives of the Daylesford Community.
We are looking forward to a celebration of creativity, community spirit and philanthropy:
a testament to the enduring value of the arts in our lives.
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