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Best in Show 2023

Geordie (Gem) Williamson

'Sticky Situation'


Further information? Please go to the Gallery


The Daylesford (Rotary) Art Show 2023 

The Daylesford Art Show is again Proudly Staged by the Rotary Club of Daylesford in this the Shows 40th anniversary year.

ON Melbourne Cup weekend November 2 -7

AT The Daylesford Town Hall 74 Vincent St, Daylesford

ENTRY IS FREE (other than the catered and ticketed

Opening Night event.)


To bring you a show which highlights the work of many of the talented artists from throughout the region AND offers you a feast of artwork and mediums including:

Paintings, Quilting, Bonsai,

Pottery and Sculpture

This year a large number of Paintings is anticipated to contest the prizes offered. All will be for sale.  Forty - fifty Quilts created by a nationally awarded quilter will also be hanging on the Town Hall walls.  Sculpture, Bonsai and Pottery displayed - will also be for sale.  All of this promises to offer a rich experience.
The very welcome Paintings which are already rolling in are displayed on this Website on the GALLERY page ahead of judging, before being displayed in the Town Hall from 2 November. Below are examples of Quilting, Bonsai and Sculpture.


The Rotary Club of Daylesford is proud to bring you the 40th Anniversary Artshow!

All funds raised from the event will be utilised by us to support community initiatives.


Every Melbourne Cup Weekend, The Daylesford Art Show, now run by the Rotary Club of Daylesford, highlights the work of the many talented artists from throughout our region.


There will be record numbers of Paintings for judgement, decor and sale, along with nationally famous Quilts, plus Sculpture, Bonsai and Pots for decor and sale.


Twenty five per cent of the sale price of each painting/item sold during the Daylesford Art Show supports Rotary projects in our community.


Thank you to you all for your willing and welcome contribution.


Ways in which YOU can participate:

• Enter artwork

• Attend the Opening Night

• Attend the Art Show!

• Buy Raffle Tickets 

• Buy on-line

• Become a Sponsor

• Donate



We thank the Hepburn Shire for the use of the Town Hall for the duration of the Art Show. We are grateful for this generosity and for the perfect venue for our Art Show.

We look forward to welcoming you into this beautiful building.

Each day of the Art Show you will be greeted at the entrance.  You will then head down a magnificently decorated walkway to be greeted inside the Hall.  You will be invited to view the paintings in the Hall and the other art forms: Quilts, Sculpture and Bonsai.

The Hepburn Shire is a major sponsor of the Art Show. Their provision of free access to the Town Hall for The Art Show is fundamental to the success of the Show. Further, we are delighted that recently, the Council spruced up the garden, paths and building, with a promised follow up ready for our Art Show,

By 1st November, in readiness for the Opening Night, we shall have added our decor that promises to be phenomenal - believe me!

The Daylesford Town Hall, a magnificent building, built in the 1800s, can comfortably seat 385 people for events and certainly more standing!  So don't hesitate to buy a ticket for the Opening Night and / or visit us at the Town Hall between 10am, and 5pm, on any or every day of the show: 3-7 November!

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