CONDITIONS OF ENTRY – 2022 Daylesford Art Show

1. All artworks entered must be original works produced and owned by those entering and must be offered for sale at a stated price (including GST) on the entry form.

2. To allow as many artists as possible the opportunity to exhibit paintings, a maximum of 3 pieces may be entered by each artist. Artworks must have maximum dimensions of 1.2m x 1.2m including frame. Oversized entries will not be accepted.


3. All artworks must be labelled with your name, artwork title and selling price and category using the labels attached.


4. All artworks must be ready for hanging, with wire/cord attached approximately ⅓ distance from the top.

5. Daylesford Rotary may at its sole discretion allow any artworks entered to be photographed and such photographs to be reproduced in advertising and promotion, including on the internet and through social media.


6. Artists agree that upon sale of artwork, a 25% commission will be taken by Daylesford Rotary based on the sales amount written on your entry form or later negotiated by the artist with a buyer. Sales are subject to commission until artwork is has been returned to the artist.



1. Please complete the online entry form on the Daylesford Art Show website: ( Your entry form can not be submitted until payment is made through the online payment portal. Your entry fee will be refunded only if your artworks are deemed unsuitable for hanging. 

​2. If you complete the printed pdf entry form, clearly write or type all information requested and submit form by email to along with the completed entry payment form and images of your paintings.


3. A digital photo of each artwork must be uploaded on the online entry form (or emailed to if completing the pdf entry form). Photos should be taken of the full artwork, including any frame, as straight as possible with minimal flash/glare. Image size needs to be approximately 500kb – 1mb to ensure proper resolution.


4. Entry forms, along with the entry fee and digital photos, must be received by the Daylesford Art Show no later than Monday 3rd October 2022 at 5pm. 


5. Daylesford Rotary reserves the right to refuse to exhibit any artworks which it deems unsuitable for display.


6. Daylesford Rotary will take all reasonable care of artwork, but will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage to any artwork or frame whilst in its possession or in transit or storage. You are advised to insure your artwork against all loss or damage.



1. Artworks must be delivered in person or by pre-arranged courier to the Daylesford Art Show desk at Daylesford Town Hall (76 Vincent Street) between 9am - 4pm on Tuesday, 25th October 2022.


2. All unsold artworks must be collected in person or by pre-arranged courier on Wednesday 2nd November between 10am and 1pm or Wednesday 3rd November between 1pm – 4pm or by prior arrangement.




1. A label for each artwork entered will be emailed to you after your entry form and payment are received. Please print and securely attach the labels to the back of your artwork.